Wolf Balm for Men

Wolf Balm for Men

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Grape seed oil has high levels of vitamin E and fatty acids which stimulates circulation and contains all the necessary nutrients to help your hair grow faster.
It is beneficial in softening hair and moisturizing scalp and aids in minimalizing dandruff while strengthening hair follicles, bringing relief to scalp itching.

Grape seed oil is good for beards due to its Vitamin E property which helps to revitalize it. Vitamin E is known for its ability to repair damaged hair follicles, refrain from being more damaged, and replenishing the hair's natural shine by moisturizing.

Sweet Almond Oil has been known to help with beard growth as well, it makes your beard grow strong and thick, keeps skin under the beard moisturized and makes your beard shiny and lustrous.

Shea butter can help reduce inflammation and irritation, while nourishing, moisturizing hairs and hair follicles, it creates a better environment for luscious hair growth that can mature into a healthy, full beard. That means a reduction in breakage, split ends and bare patches.

Beeswax is the main ingredient in beard balm to help you shape your beard and to maintain hold. Beard balm beeswax also moisturizes and smooths down hair, it keeps moisture from getting out of the hair. Beeswax is known to be a natural stimulant for hair growth.

Lavender Oil is antiseptic, analgesic and holds anti-inflammatory properties. Brining the skin and hairs microbiome to a natural state of freshness.

Vetiver Oil can produce cell regeneration and boost the growth of new cells. It seeps deep inside the hair follicles, moisturizes the scalp, relieves dryness and produces collagen formation. It is extremely useful for rejuvenating dull, lifeless hair. Regular use of the oil improves hair texture, adds shine and stimulates hair growth.

Grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E oil, Lavender, vetiver